The organization structure, which was introduced in 1978, has been basically retained, howev­er, with some streamlining and adaptation to the changing circumstances. The company is structured into three organizational units, which are directly subordinated to the General Management. These units and their tasks are:

THE HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT DIVISION coordinates activities related to personnel development of project staff, community development, institutional development of the project and community through training and extension services. It has three depart¬ments: Education and Training; Management and Institutional Development; and Community Development. THE ENGINEERING SERVICES DIVISION coordinates the activities related to project execution, quality supervision and project management. It has three departments: Agriculture and Rural Development; Infrastructure and Urban Development; and Environmental Studies and Management. THE ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCE DIVISION is responsible for all administrative, organiza¬tional and commercial matters of the company. It is divided into four departments: Personnel Affairs; Commercial Affairs; Accounting; and Finance