In general, our associations are a good proof of successful and effective utilization of the established collaboration system.

On the other hand, to ensure our flexibility according to changing requirements, our collaboration is always project-based. Illustrated below are examples of our associations with International Consultants in undertaking many projects funded by international finance agencies:

1. Mott MacDonald International, UK. 
2. Trans Asia Engineering Associates, Inc., USA. 
3. Pacific Consultants International, Japan
4. Ifagraria s.p.a. Rome, Italy 
5. Enex of New Zealand, New Zealand 
6. Louis Berger International, Inc., USA.
7. Lavalin International, Inc., Canada 
8. Hunting Technical Services Limited, UK. 
9. Cambridge Education Consultants Ltd., UK. 
10. Sir William Halcrow Consulting Engineers, UK. 
11. Morrison Knudsen Engineering, USA. 
12. RDC, Rural Development Consultant, Korea
13. Sinotech Engineering Consultants Inc., Taiwan 
14. Nippon Koei Co., Ltd., Japan 
15. BCEOM, France 
16. France Aquaculture, France 
17. Euroconsult, Netherlands 
18. Anzdec Limited, New Zealand 
19. Haskoning, Netherlands 
20. GTZ, Germany Technical Agency 
21. Development Alternatives, Inc., (DAI), USA. 
22. Haz Consult, Germany
23. Rendell-Parkman, United Kingdom 
24. Binnie & Partners, United Kingdom
25. Seatec International, Inc., Thailand 
26. Primex, Philippines 
27. Gopa, Germany 
28. Agriconsulting s.p.a., Italy