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Surounding Neighborhood has been in of TIA’s attention into CSR program

One of the company's social responsibilities program were held on  Friday, April 6, 2018, located in the front yard of PT Trans Intra Asia (TIA) which was transformed into a hall room with a capacity of 150 people. Invitation were sent to 12 representatives of local key personnel and 40 invitation to orphans and dhuafa in the surrounding neighborhood. The aim of this event were sharing happiness in the form of charity for the orphans and dhuafa as second series event toward TIA’s Grand Ceremony 40th Anniversary which planned to be held on Friday, 27 April 2018. The event were located in TIA’s office front yard, RT 03, RW 02, North Cipete, South Jakarta, on  15:50 WIB until 17:45 WIB.

President Diretor of PT Trans Intra Asia, Noor Arief Muzadi gave opening remarks in front of 150 audience. “In order to welcome the 40th anniversary of PT Trans Intra Asia's Anniversary, we are grateful and happy, because with God Blessing, as well as support from all employees and our neighborhood we can take a challenging journey up to now” he said. Beside charity, TIA had also support local culture Islamic music group from TPA Al Furqon in the neighborhood by donating a set of uniform and Marawis music percussion for them to practice and support them to gain more achievement for their performance in the future. A Marawis group that consist around 12 children from 5 grade elementary school and junior high school were perform live at this event. “We present marawis group from TPA Al Furqon from RW 02 Village North Cipete to perform Marawis and religious motivation through preach by Ustadz. Subki Al Bughury” he said.

Commisioner of PT Trans Intra Asia, Heroe Hersono, Agus Sudarsono, and Board of Directors, Noor Arief Muzadi, Ibnu Suastono, Bambang Iswanto were on stage to meet and geet the orphane and dhuafa as representative from TIA. This event were finish on time and close with foto documentation with all invitees.