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7 Company fight for first champion for Table Tennis and Badminton in PT Trans Intra Asia Friendly Sport Competition

This Friendly Sport Competition is sport championship across invited company. This sport event was held to nurture the spirit of togetherness and maintain the level of mental fitness and physical fitness from the daily routine of the day to day work. No great achievements and works, just or instant birth. Everything takes time, requires a process, hard work, persistence, bearing and done repeatedly and continuously, starting with small or simple things. This event were held on Saturday, 7 April 2018 at Pertamina Simprug Sport Center as third series event toward 40th anniversary of PT. Trans Intra Asia.

"Exercise has a unifying nature, because in sports we return to our original nature, leaving the status, profession and rely on our ability as a human being.” Noor Arief Muzadi in his opening remarks said “A game is not only determined by the ability and persistence of practice, but also determined by fate and fortune, because no one can ensure victory, when faced with the same abilities and opportunities. That's the exciting sport. An athlete is required to compete in a sporty manner, win or lose, both need to be confronted with a humble and praiseworthy attitude. That's what sports mean is unifying.”

The event were run smooth and successfully, 7 companies including TIA were participate on this event with total of 58 registered participants. Here are 6 companies from 9 companies invited, are PT Indo Koei International, PT Nawa Harsa Consultant, Initiative Foundation of Indonesia Biru Lestari (WAIBI),  PT Siddiq Sarana Mulya, Project Team of Kemendes, Yayasan Suluh Insan Lestari,  PT Trans Intra Asia. A stadion that consist of 2 Badminton court and 3 table tennis court ware full of players that played full day with knocked out match system. Many positive testimony from the participants, including the team from PT Indo Koei International (IKI), PT Shiddiq Sarana Mulya (SSM), WAIBI, Suluh Insan Lestari Foundation (SIL), and from other teams. They said that they were impressed with the game's performance, lively and able to build intimate company friendliness, and improve sportsmanship. Their hope in the upcoming year of a similar event can be re-organized with more interesting prizes. At the end of day, finalist match were play to win first place of championship. An exciting match were played between TIA and Waibi for final match on Table Tennis and between PT Indo Koei Indonesia and PT Shiddiq Sarana Mulya for Badminton. This excitement of this match were paid off by placed TIA at first champion for Table Tennis and IKI for badminton. Prizes to the winner were given on the spot meanwhile trophies and plaques would be given on TIA’s 40th anniversary grand ceremony that will be held on Friday, 27th April 2018.