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Grand Ceremony 40th Anniversary

PT Trans Intra Asia (TA) a  Consulting Firm, an independent and  global company providing services to government and private client mainly in Agriculture and Rural Developent, Infrastructure and Urban Development, Education, Training and  Management, Environment and Information and Communication Technology Sectors. 

Since its inception TIA has the determination to do something “out of the box". Something that was different from other carried out by another consulting firm. Consulting Firms at that time, generally in single sector only, mainly engineering. TIA had achieved a proud achievement within 7 years within short time period had win project from World Bank as a Lead Firm on Transmigration Settlement Development in East Kalimantan, and South Sumatra. TIA was the only Indonesian consulting firm among other foreign consultants. Furthermore from 2011 to the present, TIA had become the largest company with No. 1 ranked that earned contract projects funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Indonesia. TIA had intensified regional market by its contribution in Lach Huyen Port Project in Vietnam partnership with TEAM Group Thailand, and completing in 2017 as Lead Firm in Higher Education Reform Project (HERP), Mongolia.

On Friday, 27th April 2018, TIA is celebrating its 40th anniversary – the commemoration of four decades since the company was founded on 20 April 1978. TIA has turned 40 years old, a long enough age for a consulting company. Grown with the age, TIA has increasingly become a mature consulting company because it forged various challenges from the beginning and TIA had successfully overcome it. The challenges have driven us to strive to improve and deliver outstanding outcomes.

The long journey since 1978, TIA had experienced several important phases in the era of leadership. First from 1978 to 1994 under the leadership of  Mr. Latief E. Setiono.  Second Phase from 1994 to 2010 under the leadership of. Mr. Hersono Heroe. Third Phase from 2010 to present under the leadership of Mr. Noor Arief Muzadi.

President Director Noor Arief Muzadi adds that TIA’s achievements can be attributed to its people. “I thank to Board of Directors and all TIA’s employees who have committed, dedication and hard work and intelligence so that TIA still exist up to now”. He said. “We are grateful to our client and highest appreciation to all parties outside the company which has supported PT Trans Intra Asia. ”I want to remind our corporate culture who upholds High Quality of Products and Trustworthy because the nature of business consultant is a business of trust.”


We wish to take this opportunity to thank our staff and clients, sharing happiness the growth and success of our business. The Grand Ceremony 40th Anniversary held at Ballroom Golf Gallery, Pondok Indah Golf Course, Metro Road Pondok Indah, South Jakarta.

TIA presented its 40th journey visualized into 4 thematic Booth located in the corridor on the same floor and building. The showroom consists of 3 thematic booth which reflects the Service of PT Trans Intra Asia and 1 booth from PT Nawa Harsa Konsultan (NHK). Thematic Agriculture and Rural Development, Infrastructure and Urban Development as well as Education, Training and Management is a main thematic service of PT Trans Intra Asia, information is visualized by infographic which provide brief information with regard to TIA’s services, activities, achievements and projects.

This event is enlivened by modern traditional dancer who did the parade and dancing opening act, Mama Beat Band and motivation speech by Ustadz Subki Al Bughuri that was performed with light and humorous without reducing its meaning to be delivered to the audience.

TIA’s historical journey was visualized in 11 minutes video that played to the audience. Anniversary greeting from partners, colleagues, and stakeholder were also played as well as the serial event of 40th TIA Anniversary such as Corporate Social Responsibility Event and Friendly Sport Competition within and outside the company. Afterward, trophies and plaques were given by calling receiver representative from PT Trans Intra Asia (TIA), PT Indo Koei International (IKI), PT Shiddiq Sarana Mulya (SSM), PT Nawa Harsa Konsultan (NHK), WAIBI, Yayasan Suluh Insan Lestari (SIL).

Almost at the peak of the event, Lucky Draw with Grand Prize one Honda Beat Motorbike was drawn by Mr. Noor Arief Muzadi and the lucky winner was Ms. Utari from Nawa Harsa Konsultan. Manusia Kuat (Strong Man) from Tulus covered by Mama Beat Band became the final song sang that successfully close the event.