To be a leading Consultant Company that is able to compete at the regional level


Control of Region Markets
Provide Quality Services According to International Standards
Provide Services with the Capability and Profesionalism of experts accordance with International Standards


High Quality Services
Professionalism and Collegial
Smart and Completed Work



Grand Ceremony 40th Anniversary

PT Trans Intra Asia (TA) a  Consulting Firm, an independent and  global company providing services to government and private client mainly in Agriculture and Rural Developent, Infrastructure and Urban Development, Education, Training and  Management, Environment and Information and Communication Technology more


  • [7/4-2018] Togetherness through Inter-TIA Tabel Tennis Sport Competition
  • [7/4-2018] 7 Company fight for first champion for Table Tennis and Badminton in PT Trans Intra Asia Friendly Sport Competition
  • [6/4-2018] Surounding Neighborhood has been in of TIA’s attention into CSR program




Trans Intra Asia (TIA) is one of Indonesia’s top consultancy companies today.  In its more than 35 years of existence, it has built an excellent reputation due largely to the outstanding specialists on its staff and among its associates, its consistently good performance in project planning and implementation, and its strong and highly dedicated management and support staff.  TIA works for various international and bilateral organizations, government agencies, and private sector entities across sectors, providing services covering a broad spectrum – from project identification to detailed planning and design, project management, and monitoring and evaluation.  TIA has demonstrated its competence in both international and government projects and has successfully performed as a national lead firm for several WB projects which were awarded through international bidding.

The company and its experts maintain close contacts with research insti­tutions and leading universities in the field of Agriculture & Rural Develop­ment, Infrastructure & Urban Development, and Environmental Studies & Management.   TIA has also an access to Non-Governmental Organiza­tions, mainly for rural community development programs.

The organization structure, which was introduced in 1978, has been basically retained, howev­er, with some streamlining and adaptation to the changing circumstances.  The company is structured into three organizational units, which are directly subordinated to the General Management.  These units and their tasks are:

The Human Resources Development Division coordinates activities related to personnel development of project staff, community development, institutional development of the project and community through training and extension services.  It has three depart­ments: Education and Training; Management and Institutional Development; and Community Development.  The Engineering Services Division coordinates the activities related to project execution, quality supervision and project management.  It has three departments: Agriculture and Rural Development; Infrastructure and Urban Development; and Environmental Studies and ManagementThe Administration and Finance Division is responsible for all administrative, organiza­tional and commercial matters of the company.  It is divided into four departments: Personnel Affairs; Commercial Affairs; Accounting; and Finance.

Scope of Services

The Field Specialization and Type of Services, which TIA has competency to provide, are: Agriculture and Rural Development; Infrastructure and Urban Development; Information, Communication and Technology, Education, Training and Management, and Resources Management and Environmental Studies.

The spectrum of activities covers all levels from preliminary project iden­tifica­tion to investigations, feasi­bility studies, detailed design, supervision for construction and implemen­ta­tion, operation and main­tenance and manage­ment training.

The company's specialization has always been an integrated approach facilitat­ed by its multidisciplinary staff.   The projects were done in accordance with the professional standards set up international organizations such as the World Bank/IBRD, ADB, IDB, FAO, UNDP, EEC and OECF/JBIC.

Water Resources Development
Tidal Swamp Development
River Training/Improvement
Food Crops Agriculture & Horticulture Development
Estate Crps Development
Fisheries Development
Forestry Development
Local/Rural Economic Development
Institutional Dev. & Training and Extension

Comprehensive Urban Development
Urban Transportation and Toll Road Development
Urban Drainage and Flood control
Industrial Areas Development
Urban Infrastructure, Water Supply and Sanitation
Park and Recreational Facilities
Management and Capacity Development

Curriculum Development
Education System and Evaluation Development
Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education Development
Higher Education Development
Teacher Training Development
Vocational Education Development
Textbook Development

Climate Change Studies
Biodiversity Conservation
Environmental Degradation and Studies
Watershed Management and Soil Conservation
Social Safeguards Studies

Information, Communication and Technology

Study, Design, Development and Implementation
Support or Management of Computer-Based Information System, particularly Software Application and Computer Software


In general, our associations are a good proof of successful and effective utilization of the established collaboration system. On the other hand, to ensure our flexibility according to changing requirements, our collaboration is always project‑based. Illustrated below are examples of our associations with International Consultants in undertaking many projects funded by international finance agencies:


1. Mott MacDonald International, UK. (1981 present)
2. Trans Asia Engineering Associates, Inc., USA. (1978 1985)
3. Pacific Consultants International, Japan (1981 present)
4. Ifagraria s.p.a. Rome, Italy (1981 1984)
5. Enex of New Zealand, New Zealand (1982 1984)
6. Louis Berger International, Inc., USA. (1983 present)
7. Lavalin International, Inc., Canada (1984 present)
8. Hunting Technical Services Limited, UK. (1984 1987)
9. Cambridge Education Consultants Ltd., UK. (1987 present)
10. Sir William Halcrow Consulting Engineers, UK. (1987 present)
11. Morrison Knudsen Engineering, USA. (1987 1992)
12. RDC, Rural Development Consultant, Korea (1987 present)
13. Sinotech Engineering Consultants Inc., Taiwan (1984 present)
14. Nippon Koei Co., Ltd., Japan (1989 present)
15. BCEOM, France (1989 present)
16. France Aquaculture, France (1990 1991)
17. Euroconsult, Netherlands (1989 present)
18. Anzdec Limited, New Zealand (1982 present)
19. Haskoning, Netherlands (1990 present)
20. GTZ, Germany Technical Agency (1986 1988)
21. Development Alternatives, Inc., (DAI), USA. (1994-1997)
22. Haz Consult, Germany (1994- present)
23. Rendell-Parkman, United Kingdom (1990- present)
24. Binnie & Partners, United Kingdon (1996- present)
25. Seatec International, Inc., Thailand (1994- present)
26. Primex, Philippines (1997- present)
27. Gopa, Germany (1997- present)
28. Agriconsulting s.p.a., Italy (1997- present)
29. OAFIC, Japan (2005-present)
30. Uniconsult, Bangladesh (2005-present)
31. Sloan Cook and King Pty Ltd., Australia

University / Research Institution

TIA enjoys mutual cooperation with Research Institutes and Universities, in executing projects to a satisfactory level.